Casual Blazer Look for the First Day of School

Boyfriend Blazer // Leopard & White Sneakers // Similar denim shorts // Gucci White Tee ($23)

First day of virtual school was kind of a disaster to say the least! We had a hard time getting logged in and the system ended up crashing as all the other students were trying to do the same… oops! Blaire had been so excited to start school and she had her desk all set up and ready to learn, I felt so bad for her! We finally did get logged in and her teacher is absolutely wonderful – hopefully all will be better tomorrow!

After Blaire finished school we went out for some fancy milkshakes to make up for the long day! It was everything in me to not get one, although I did steal some bites of hers. So good! Check out Coco & Hazel if you’re in Richmond!


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