What is Modere? All your Questions Answered!

What is Modere?

Modere is a clean label company that sells everything from health and wellness products, to household products. You can place a single order, or you can subscribe and save. Subscribe and save allows you to get a better price, and the ease of the products you love arriving when you need them. I use it a lot like I use Amazon Prime for diapers, and paper towels because I am always needing it and forget to order.

Is Modere a Multi-Level-Marketing Company?

Yes and no… the structure of the company is something that I haven’t seen before. I like to look at it more of affiliate marketing, or as they call it, social retail. Let me explain. There are two sides, social marketers (those who sell the products) and there are customers (those who buy the products).

Ok, what’s it like on the costumer side?

If you are a customer, you can purchase from someone’s link, or from the general Modere website. When you do this, the marketer, or person who’s link was shared, gets a commission for sending you to purchase. This really isn’t any different than an ad, or clicking an influencers link on something they are recommending. You as the costumer can also share a link with your friends, family, or whoever, and it gives them $10 off their purchase while also giving you a $10 credit to your account. The more you share, the more you credit you get towards your purchases. If you don’t share it, nothing changes! It’s literally just shopping through someones referral link or using their coupon code.

How about the sales side of it?

If you are on the social marketing side of things, this part is for you. Again, there are kind of 2 ways you can go about it. Unfortunately, you do have to buy in to become a social marketer. Fortunately – its only about $35 if you don’t want any product, which is wayyyy better than any MLM or retail sales company out there.

Is this about building teams and recruiting people though?

If building teams and recruiting people is your thing – thats great – you can do that with Modere! (BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO, KEEP READING.) You can make money off of people signing up under you and their costumers – similar to an MLM. If you don’t want to build a team – you don’t have too! and you can actually still make good money without recruiting a single person. And THAT is what I actually like about being affiliated with Modere. I share affiliate links all the time, and I treat this no differently. I personally use several of Modere’s products, and it is a fit for me to share them with my followers. If they sign up to be a customer / make a purchase – I get a commission on what they spend. It’s literally as easy as sharing a link!

Have you seen results from the Trim, Collagen?

Honestly – YES. I use the lean body system (mainly the trim) and have seen a huge difference in muscle definition. I also haven’t really changed the way I eat, and almost never feel bloated. I don’t feel guilty eating things, and have overall just felt a lot better about my body and being in a swimsuit than before. It took a few weeks at first to really notice, but now I really am hooked on it.

The collagen is the first thing I ordered from Modere was their liquid collagen. I mean – I am in my 30s now and I have 4 kids – I need to be taking care of my skin but I also don’t have the time. I call this drinking your skin care! LOL. I initially ordered it for hair growth, being postpartum your hair thins out and I had tons of baby hairs all over the place that I really needed to grow out. My hair grew about 2″ from the beginning of May, until August! An added benefit I noticed was my skin. It is more clear, its plump and hydrated, and has made a big difference in my skins texture. It also tastes AMAZING. I use the Biocell Life!

Everything I want is Backordered… what do I do?

You should order now! Ordering now puts you in line to get the product, if you wait, you’ll just be delayed the same amount of time. Modere orders their product ahead of time – based on what they think they will sell – and they have SOLD OUT every single time… it’s becoming so popular that they cannot keep up with orders. The fastest way to get something is to order in “any flavor” – they will ship you what they get as soon as one is in. It will likely only be a few days til you get your product.Otherwise, you can expect about 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive.

If you purchase through the subscribe and save – you won’t have to worry because that next month you should be first to get your product.

How to I get $10 off?

You can get $10 off (at least!) by using my code when you sign up for an account. Its just your email and a password. My referral code is 7019938 – or you can use this link to get you to the site.

Want to become an affiliate, or social marketer?

If you want to be able to have an affiliate link to share – sign up by going here! It was worth it for me and I made the $36 back the same day I started.


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